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Armitage Appreciation Week || 6 days until Richard’s Birthday

one of my favorite outfit[s]
↳ Lucas in blue suit and red tie


My cropped screencaps of this interview.


Richard Armitage  on The Weather Channel for Into the Storm  
on August 4, 2014 (X)


… being very uninformed about what’s happening next…

make me choose:

↳ starletbale asked: richard’s eyes or thighs

RA • Photoshoot • Matt Holyoak • 2012


I just watched the excellent Anglophile Channel black-carpet interviews with Richard Armitage and his co-creators for the Into The Storm NYC premiere (see here and here). I very much enjoyed them and kudos to Marlise Borland, who is a wonderful interviewer. She has a fun vibe of being both…

Funny that someone mentioned this because I noticed it too. I don’t know why it struck me as odd but it did.

I think he’s probably speaking as “Gary” and referring to the movie plot, but also as himself in that it’s a common belief that people who go through dangerous/life threatening situations together have a higher probability of falling in love. I also believe that he’s a big, mushy romantic as well so he may like the idea of a romantic conclusion for those characters.

So yeah, that’s my humble opinion.


RAndoms from ITS Anglophile Channel Interview (x) - 8/3/2014

RA Into the Storm interview with the Anglophile Channel! (x)


A very streamlined look and a bracelet? I like it.


source [x]

Sarah Wayne Callies  and actor Richard Armitage attend the ‘Into The Storm’ premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on August 4, 2014 in New York City.

• Photographer: Stephen Lovekin / Stringer - wireimage