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make me choose

↳ richards-smile asked: beard or stubble


Richad “too cute for this world” Armitage

Richard Armitage photographed by Sarah Dunn

That first picture though…

 Richard Armitage - 'The Andrew Marr Show' - London, United Kingdom.
 Richard Armitage - 'The Andrew Marr Show' - London, United Kingdom. 


RA • Arrivals at the BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013.


If there were to be another remake of Pride and Prejudice, I pray to God that Richard Armitage is cast as Mr. Darcy and Tom Hiddleston is cast as Mr. Bingley.

I think every woman’s ovaries would explode and many would die of multiple orgasms


Armitage Army, can we please, Please, PLEASE not feed the trolls???????

I agree with you completely, but I also understand how people can get very irritated when the trolls post incendiary things and then turn around and act like victims when people react exactly how the trolls intended. It’s all attention-seeking nonsense, but yeah, I’ve learned the art of scrolling past the bullshit in the Richard Armitage tag.

Hmm…not sure how I feel about Richard Armitage (@RCArmitage) being on Twitter. I kind of feel like Instagram would have been safer. Just hoping the cray-crays don’t ruin it for everyone.


Armitage Appreciation Week || 6 days until Richard’s Birthday

one of my favorite outfit[s]
↳ Lucas in blue suit and red tie


My cropped screencaps of this interview.


Richard Armitage  on The Weather Channel for Into the Storm  
on August 4, 2014 (X)


… being very uninformed about what’s happening next…

make me choose:

↳ starletbale asked: richard’s eyes or thighs